• The Sainte-Croix lake in the Verdon
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The Verdon by bicycle / mountain bike

The Verdon by bicycle / mountain bike

The bike Verdon

Cycling the Verdon is an unmissable opportunity for many reasons. Using a bike to get around, to walk or to make a physical effort makes sense here as the possibilities seem endless. We discover in the course of his wanderings varied spaces and full of stories. You can go on hilly terrain, climb up hills or make a real breakaway. We can also go from villages to villages and practice green tourism while immersing ourselves in the culture that surrounds us, all over the region. It is also possible to take small roads and enjoy the sun, on straight lines ideal for a family who would like to enjoy the Verdon by bike. These little roads rarely used allow an optimal communion with nature wherever you go to walk in the Verdon. Whether you are a group of athletes, a couple wanting to meet for a ride in love or a family wishing to allow everyone to have a good time, the bike is a perfect solution to discover the Verdon. There are of course many courses, many paths to go, all different but with a common point indisputable beauty

Cycling or mountain bike trips in the Verdon

When you walk in the Verdon by bike you want to see a lot of things and potential getaways are not lacking. Head to the Plateau de Valensole, full of typical Provencal lavender with Lake St. Croix below for an unforgettable and bucolic ride. Small picturesque villages embellish this walk gently. In another style of escapade we find the Upper and Middle Verdon, in the massif of Sestrière, at 2400 meters above sea level. For a more mountain-bike-friendly getaway, head to the Grandes Gorges, up to 700 meters above the water in the green valleys and near perched villages.

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