• The Sainte-Croix lake in the Verdon
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Visit of Villecroze

Villecroze is located at 8 km from the campsite, in the headland of the Alps in the Haut-Var. This pleasant medieval town features arches, small alleyways, fountains and a church.
Villecroze is surrounded by mountains, pine trees and oaks, and offers lovely sites worth a visit, such as the Commanderie des Templiers du Ruou, founded around 1150.
Also make a stroll through the village’s park with exceptional trees, a few cave dwellings a waterfall and rose-trees.
During the summer, the Saint-Victor chapel welcomes various concerts organised by the talents of the international music academy.

The Villecroze Caves

When one goes to Tourtour for a visit, one realizes very quickly why this very original village enjoys a very high ranking among the Most Beautiful Villages of France. Located just 10 kilometers from the campsite l'Oasis, we discover a very flowery village with medieval architecture which is perched at the top of a hill. Not content with its ideal geographical location and its indisputable beauty, we can easily guess that Tourtour is one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France thanks also to the pine forest that protects and surrounds it. In addition, this splendid village has a perfectly clear view on nearly 100 kilometers. An exceptional fact that earned him his nickname "village in the sky". If Tourtour has kept its authenticity, this village is nonetheless modern and open to the world, tourists are always welcomed with open arms.

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