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Canyoning and rafting in the Verdon

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Rafting : outdoor activity in the Verdon

Rafting is an ideal activity to practice while you are in the Verdon. Ride rivers in boats with many, fill up with thrills while discovering new landscapes, wild, this is the interest of being tempted by this essential outdoor activity. There are various possible routes in the Verdon and following the one you choose you will have the opportunity to see different landscapes while testing various navigation techniques. These are suitable for everyone, regardless of the level of people trying rafting. When you embark on a journey it is always safe and several. The Verdon is the perfect place for outdoor activities with the diversity of its landscapes and all the beauties there is to see. Rafting is no exception and adds to that a good dose of thrills.

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Rafting down the Gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon have magnificent landscapes, a flora and fauna with many surprises to offer and one of the activities that best lends itself to these discoveries is nothing but rafting. Go down the Gorges du Verdon rafting is enjoy a green landscape while practicing a sporting activity nice and ideal for a family or a group of friends. Everyone can practice rafting as long as they can swim and there are some must-see courses in the Verdon. – For those who would be tempted by a descent in white water, the Gorges de la Vesubie have everything you need with a particularly suitable course. – To enjoy the rapids, it is in the gorges of Daluis that one must go, on the river of Var. – Finally, for a walk a little quieter in the middle of the turquoise rivers, it is necessary to leave Castellane and to be carried.

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