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Travel the Route des Crêtes

Walk on the Route des Cretes in the Verdon

The Route des Cretes in the Verdon offers to all the people of passage an experience not to be missed under any circumstances. This walk is composed of a 23-kilometer scenic route, a route that you can not get tired of, as it is discovering new aspects every time. There are altogether fourteen belvederes that unveil the cliffs of the Verdon and offer incomparable points of view as one lets oneself go through the paths to go. The Grand Canyon du Verdon provides unforgettable memories and reveals its beauty as one progresses within it. During your walks you will also be confronted with the wild nature, and consequently with the local flora and fauna, the fauna being composed, among others, of vultures and chamois. We are dealing here with a perfectly preserved tourist site, totally in agreement with the environment which surrounds it.

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Take this 24 km scenic drive

The panoramic route of the Cretes presents its discovery and that is the reason why you have to know how to keep your eyes wide open as you walk along it. Stretching over a total of 24 kilometers, there are many panoramas and lookouts that should not be missed, making the panoramic route of the Crete a route that has many surprises. A walk that can take you to a height of 700 meters of empty depending on where you walk with the views from the viewpoints of the Escalès and the Dent d’Aire or hiking Gugues, also conducive to caving. Along this panoramic road of 24 kilometers you will also have the opportunity to see closely the fauna and flora of the region including griffon vultures, warblers or chamois. Several varieties of flowers from the tulip family will also be on your way.

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