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Campsite near Tourtour in the Verdon

The lovely village of Tourtour is set at only 10 km from the campsite. This medieval village perches on a hill and is listed as one of the Most Beautiful villages of France.
Tourtour nestles above a pine tree and dominates a view of nearly 100 km! The village is also nicknamed ‘village in heaven’.
Thanks to the exceptional location of the village, it offers a panoramic view from the Moyen Var to the Sainte-Victoire mountain.
The lively tourist village of Tourtour has managed to find an excellent balance between authenticity and a modern environment.

Visit Tourtour: Classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France

When one goes to Tourtour for a visit, one realizes very quickly why this very original village enjoys a very high ranking among the Most Beautiful Villages of France. Located just 10 kilometers from the campsite l’Oasis, we discover a very flowery village with medieval architecture which is perched at the top of a hill. Not content with its ideal geographical location and its indisputable beauty, we can easily guess that Tourtour is one of the Most Beautiful Villages of France thanks also to the pine forest that protects and surrounds it. In addition, this splendid village has a perfectly clear view on nearly 100 kilometers. An exceptional fact that earned him his nickname “village in the sky”. If Tourtour has kept its authenticity, this village is nonetheless modern and open to the world, tourists are always welcomed with open arms.

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Holidays in Tourtour in Provence

Whether you are visiting Tourtour for a simple visit or for a holiday, you are bound to be touched and moved by the panorama offered to us, the village having the particularity of overlooking the Provence in a majestic way. However, in addition to this panorama, the village has more to offer and is worth it for other reasons. We find there old houses, in total adequacy with the general architecture, medieval, perfectly preserved and full of surprises. This typical village of Provence has a lot to offer and we go from surprises to surprises as we take the time to get lost. If you go to Tourtour do not miss the fountain, also a vestige of a past finally very present. In addition, with the various craft shops as well as the art galleries there is something for all tastes and desires.

The surroundings of Tourtour

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