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Park accrobranche l'Arnaude Aventures in the Verdon

Parc accrobranche l'Arnaude Aventures

Discover the tree climbing adventure park in Lorgues in the Var

For those who do not know the principle of a tree climbing course it is time to remedy with the Adventure Park located in Lorgues, Var. It is only 27 kilometers from the Oasis du Verdon and has for him a geographical location that makes it an activity not to be missed if you spend a stay in the area. What is tree climbing? These are routes linking together different points that are joined with a suitable equipment, well arnaché, to come and go between the trees and while discovering landscapes most often original. Regarding tree climbing Adventure Park we have here to make a course that allows us to be one with the elements of the Var. We let ourselves be transported to a vineyard, to fly over the vineyards in a forest of oaks. An adventure to live with family or friends.

parc accrobranche verdon

Tree trek in the Verdon

Regarding the treetop route proposed by the Adventure Park, it is particularly original and adapted to all. First of all, there is a very big zipline whose length is well above average with its 200 meters. Different routes are proposed and all allow to discover the Verdon in a new light, passing through a multitude of trees, overlooking the vineyards. The course of tree climbing Parc Aventures also offers four levels all very different and especially adapted to all ages. Come try the family experience, with your children, your grandchildren, your parents or even your grandparents. The staff is very attentive and always makes sure that everyone can go at their own pace while having fun. The site is very well maintained just like the material. The route you choose is necessarily for you and the activity is ideal for the whole family.

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