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Economic holidays in the Verdon

Going on vacation in the Oasis campsite in the Verdon is to make several choices, all smarter than others. First of all the geographical situation in itself, the place of the holidays in question and all the activities and visits that you will be able to do once there. Then, by opting for a campsite holiday with us you also make the choice to enjoy low rates that will allow you to come with your family, as numerous as it is or with your friends, for a very cheap stay. When we know the Verdon and all that the region has to offer we know that we are doing a real deal. But to top it off, booking at the Oasis campsite is enjoying three-star services with all their benefits. Opting for a holiday in our campsite is to access services of great qualities while saving money.

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When you know the Verdon and all that the region has to offer, you know that you are making a real deal.
But to top it all off, booking at Campsite l’Oasis means enjoying three star services with all their advantages.
Opting for a holiday in our campsite means accessing services of great quality while saving money.
You will have understood it, the cheap campsite Gorges du Verdon will be the opportunity for you to enjoy reasonable prices for your stay in Aups, so enjoy it!

Reduced-price accommodation in the Gorges du Verdon

Campsite Oasis, in the Gorges du Verdon, offers many discounts and reduced prices throughout the year, especially in summer. Thanks to its advantageous rates you will be able to fully enjoy your holidays. It is an idyllic setting that awaits you with many possible visits, several activities, outdoor or indoor with some museums to see absolutely or villages to discover and markets to bring back some memories. Come and enjoy discount accommodation in the Verdon is to live his holiday differently.

It is possible to think of something else in terms of budget than where you sleep. Because with its favorable rates and its three-star service, the Oasis campsite allows you to keep your savings to please you during your holidays, to go out as you wish and whenever you want, thus guaranteeing you an unforgettable stay. in the Gorges du Verdon.

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